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Game Programming Kick Off


Skill description
This course teaches the basics of game programming. The course consists of video lessons, exercises and the game project the student implements throughout the course. The course project is implemented with Unity using C# programming language.

We will implement our version of a classic game Snake during this course. Source code and other assets are available in the course's GitLab page. The first lesson will teach you how to use Git.

During the course students are expected to create their own game as well. Every lesson has an exercise, which takes the student project forward. The exercise of the first lesson explains the project in more depth.

You are required to have basic knowledge of programming to be able to follow this course. A basic understanding of the object orientated programming is also recommended.

After completing this course, the student can create simple 2D games using Unity as an editor and the game engine.

Lesson 1 - Setting up the environment
Lesson 2 - Unity basics
Lesson 3 - Game board
Lesson 4 - Reusable components
Lesson 5 - Grid based movement
Lesson 6 - Collisions
Lesson 7 - Finite state machine
Lesson 8 - Options & Audio
Lesson 9 - Particle effects and wrapping up the project

There's a lot of terms, but you can find a glossary from here!

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