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No catch. You may get access to the site in two ways: gain access from your school or utilise a free seat (limited availability)!

No. Your data will not be distributed or sold to marketers.

Yes. We are secured in many ways. Our site uses the latest technology, is https and we are protected in many ways in addition to securing all our customer data.

For institues we have deals available. Please contact us.
For individuals, we have a limited amount of sponsored seats per year. So be quick to get your seat.

We cover all key areas of game education from business to tech and art and not forgetting design!

Yes, many have started their success story with us! Our former students now work in very good positions in the industry!

Enrol to courses, provide your info and you'll be enrolled as a student to a Finnish institute. More info here.

This site is created in co-operation with an institute from Finland enabling a limited amount of free seats per year.
Finland's goal is to find new studens and future workforce as Finland is running short of it.

Our review average is 4.6!

The courses are made by top game educators from Finland. The materials have been tested already over the years and deliver high learning results.

You will get ECTS credits which can later be a part of your degree! Also Certificate for individuals courses as well a Diploma or even Degree (coming) are available!

Yes. We have thousand of students already all around the globe!

Have you enrolled at Metropolia Open UAS for a sponsored seat and have you been approved? If so, you will get information about being accepted. Check also your spam folder for the activation email from Edugametion!

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