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To make a great game is not just about developing it. It needs to have a great game design in place.
We will teach you how to make that happen and make you into a certified designer.
It will also help you get to the industry. Developers who know game design do better!It will also be helpful for anyone in the industry or for startups.

Many of our former students now work in known game companies after studying here.

This varies depending on the plan.
Core includes a core set of pages but enough to give you really good understanding about game design.
Pro includes all the pages, plus videos and you will receive a Certificate upon completing the 8 Certificate Exercises.
Master is the same as Pro but includes also 10 European Credits.

Please contact to get detailed industry level feedback for your concept or game demo.

This is site is created by a multi awarded Finnish game industry veteran Juha Huhtakallio who has a long history reviewing game designs and teaching game design and doing game design.

It's for all beginners, game designers, game artists and game programmers.
​It's for beginners looking to learn about game design and for game developers looking to understand more about game creation.
Please notice that no previous experience, programming skill or art skills or any software is required. It's all here!

Yes. If you are not happy you may get a refund. Please contact us from here within 15 days.

Yes. We use the latest and biggest payment providers like Stripe and Paypal over an secured https connection. Your transaction will be safe.

Yes. We are secured in many ways. Our site uses the latest technology, is https and we are protected in many ways in addition to securing all our customer data.

There's multiple videos available. You may study the theory by watching the videos or by reading from the website.

There are templates for Concept Document, Design Document, Game Design Canvas, Feature Sheet and Pitch Deck to name a few.

Yes. This site has been sold to globally to numerous customers and educational facilities.

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Learn what game design is and how it works. Start your game design career now!

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