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Game Business


Introduction To Game Business

Skill description
After we are introduced to curriculum, you will learn more about state of business of games. We will go through global games market, business overview and major trends in the industry.



You will get better understanding of the state of gaming business today.

Game Business Introduction
What is game business?
Current trends

Games business models

Skill description
We will learn different ways how modern games make money today. We will cover each model, with extra focus on free to play, which is the most profitable business model for games today.


You will learn different ways how games can make money. You will get familiarized with F2P vocabulary.

How games make money?
IMGS Game genres
Games business vocabulary
Free to play
Subscription model
Other types of business models

Games marketing

Skill description
We will learn basics of modern games marketing, differences in marketing depending on the platform and how marketing and gameplay can affect each other.


You will understand different marketing models, learn differences and specifics of main geographical markets. You will learn basics of games user acquisition and importance of analytics in modern games.

Introduction to games marketing
Geographical markets
Marketing channels
User Acquisition
Introduction to analytics
Games marketing plan
Study case

Gaming financials

Skill description
In this module, you will learn about different financials models, what is soft launch and how to execute one. You will learn basics of KPIs and how they affect financial projections. You will also learn about liveops, what is it and why is it so important in modern games.

Understanding of different financial models.

You will have good understanding of games operations and will be able to make game revenue estimations.

Introduction to Live Ops
What is soft launch
Game KPI
Games financials

Markets and platforms

Skill description
We will learn about different gaming platforms - how they differentiate, what they have in common and what we need to keep in mind when we are planning our business for specific platforms. We will also get introduced to games publishing and how it works.


You will gain knowledge about benefits and disadvantages of each platform and platform trends. You will learn basics of games publishing.

Introduction to game platforms
Mobile platforms
PC platform
GAMING Consoles
E sports
NFT and crypto games
Games publishing

Opportunites and resources

Skill description
In the final module, you will learn about gaming start-ups and entrepreneurship as well as about career possibilities in games business. You will be introduced to some of the main companies focusing on games business and learn about latest predictions for future of games.

Understanding of gaming platforms, gaming financials and business models.

Career in games business
Intro to games entrepreneurship
Studio business strategies
Future of games business

There's a lot of terms, but you can find a glossary from here!

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