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Uploading now enabled! You may now upload your visuals for exercises.

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2D Art for Game Developers


Ideation & Sketching

Skill description
There is no one right way to create great 2D game art. In this section you will learn what different software and equipment there are for digital painting. You will also learn the basic workflow to make digital art from scratch.

Professional tools of a 2D Game artist
Basics of digital painting
Game Art Principles
Design Principles

Character Art

Skill description
You learn to create 2D game characters in several styles.

Color theory
Fundamentals of Character design
Animation-ready characters
Toony Mouse
Warrior Character

Environment Art

Skill description
in this chapter you will learn to design different elements of the game environment: buildings, rocks, plants and props.

Nature and Vegetation
Stones and Rocks
Wooden Hut
Stone Tower

Final Assignment

Skill description
The final assignment is to make a visual plan for a platformer game. You'll make a background research, sketches and the final game art based on your plan.

Final Assignment: Briefing
Art Production

There's a lot of terms, but you can find a glossary from here!

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