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Our Platform

LMS Focused on Game Learning

Import courses to your LMS or use our whitelabeled platform useb globally by thousands already.

    Can be whilelabeled
    Remote login / login from you platform can be included
    Reports like see competition and activity statistics and follow up progression
    Certificates, diplomas which can be verified
    Approve or reject completions
    Easily assign new courses
    Upload in one go with excel or with activation links or codes
    Export to excel
    Courses and bundles can be customised!
    We only charge for the courses, not for LMS usage
    Works both Mobile and Web
    Learn all about games with our gamified platform

Data Transferrable

All courses can also be transferred to your own LMS.
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Course page examples

High completion rates at even 42%.

Education and page stucture designed by education professional and tested over time.

Clear and detailed curriculum outlining contents, requirements and outcome.

Curriculum outlining contents, requirements and outcome

Follow your progression easily and get certificate upon complition.

Follow your progression easily

Pages show the course structure on the left and where you are. Learning targets for each page are listed clearly for students to check they have reached these.

Page example - top

Section can have images to help visualise the contents. Sections like game examples show how what you just learned xan be applied to like Tetris.

Follow your progression easily

Follow your progression easily and get certificate upon complition.

Follow your progression easily

Exercises are based on real-life experience, rated on difficulty and upon answering you will see the examples and solutions.


At the end of each page your progress on the page is shown and what you are missing to complete the page is shown too!

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