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Edugametion for Companies


  • Includes part for game production and how to work in a game companies
  • Team work, processes, production and working in a game company covered
  • Set up game education overnight
  • Provide high quality content
  • Proven to work
  • Excellent feedback
  • All educators have 10+ years experience educating or from the industry - or both
  • Cover all disciplines including game design, art, tech, production and business
  • Also possible to start co-op Game Demo Project with us to create a pipeline that delivers industry ready juniors and interns
  • Get help on any other area
  • Bundles and volume discounts available
  • Avoid all the hassle. We'll arrange everything for you
  • Includes panel access for reports, statistics, monitoring and assigning

Take your employees to the next level

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  • Anything from single course to all courses
  • Can be scaled from 1 to 100s participants
  • Onsite, Hybrid and Online options available
  • Bundles and volume discounts available
  • Available immediately


  • Can be scaled from 1 to 100s participants
  • Modify contents, timescale up to your needs
  • Bundles and volume discounts available


  • Production, processes and team work
  • Can be scaled from 5 to 100s participants
  • Onsite, Hybrid and Online options available
  • Guided game development
  • Mentoring and reviews included

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Edugametion is used by thousands students, schools, colleges and universities from various degree programs and by incubators, ​game companies and game developers around the world.


Our Learning Management System focused on Game Learning

Import courses to your LMS or use our whitelabeled platform useb globally by thousands already.

    can be whilelabeled
    remote login / login from you platform can be included
    reports like see competition and activity statistics and follow up progression
    certificates, diplomas which can be verified
    approve or reject completions
    easily assign new courses
    upload in one go with excel or with activation links or codes
    export to excel
    courses and bundles can be customised!
    we only charge for the courses, not for LMS usage
    works both Mobile and Web
    learn all about games with our gamified platform


Founded 2019

Coalition of top Finnish Game Educators

Edugametion Founder Juha Huhtakallio

Juha Huhtakallio
Founder & CEO
Edugametion Oy

  • 20+ years Industry veteran:
    - Has made games all his life
    - 100 published games
    - 30+ industry awards (game of year x 3, editor choice and competitions)

  • Built Finland's biggest game education from scratch 2012-2018.

  • Serial entrepreneur, first start up sold 2018.

  • Board member of Finnish game industry hub Neogames as game education representative.

  • Has worked as game designer, company manager, head of studio, game programmer, incubator, mentor, discover for publishing, project manager and more, all but art :D.
Edugametion is created by Edugametion Oy from Finland, one of the top game development and education countries in the world! Edugametion Oy is founded by industry veteran Juha Huhtakallio.
Juha has worked in many roles in the industry: Game Programmer, Game Designer, Education Designer, Head of Studio, CEO and entrepreneur to name a few.

After teaching game design in all game schools in Finland since 2010, and aboard, and students succesfully entering the game industry, Juha decided to place all the material online available for anybody.

Juha's lectures have always been a combination of theory and praticality. Many of the exercises are based on real life cases making them not only challening but also extremely efficient for learning and understanding game design.

Very soon other educators from Finland would join and now Education has a strong set of materials available, and the same approach has been applied.

All educators are long time industry veterans with materials tested with time and based on content where the learning is based on real life requirements rather than endless theory.

Juha is also the creator of Game Design Canvas, a unique and very powerful tool for creating game design concepts with all required information and for super fast and powerful reviewing, used in multiple companies or game competitions already.
The site is available globally and looks to promote anyones interest in helping people get to the industry.

Our desire is to help you become a Game Developer - as it's so much fun!

Any questions or if you want to know more, feel free to contact us :)